It’s a new day, and a brand new year with loads of opportunity to achieve our numerous goals that were not possible last year. Most often we get carried away by failure and the desire to strive towards success becomes extremely tiresome. No doubt it may be an unpleasant experience trying to pursue a particular goal and dreams and end up not been able to achieve what seemed perfectly achievable. That has been my story.

Last year was tough, bumpy and exciting at the same time. It was always fast pace, as one was looking forward to so many things at the same time. Few of the expectations were met and lots were unmet. It was indeed devastating ending up not getting fulfilled and not making the mark one had set earlier. From the depth of deep despair I have learnt so many things and some have proved very helpful.

I realized that every day is an opportunity to start afresh, no matter how yesterday ended up. Am totally fired up for all the challenge this year has in stock and my positivity level has increased a notch higher. It may not be easy, but I know nothing good comes easy, so am prepared for anything that is thrown across ones way.

When a door of opportunity closes, several doors of opportunities will suddenly open as long as we choose not to look back. A new dawn can only be activated when we close the old chapters of our past and open the new chapters of our future. The future indeed is bright and lovely, so why lament about our past failures when there a huge window of opportunity to succeed beyond measure?

A close friend of mine got fired at work last year November. And she was brave enough not to allow the sack affect her positive way of life. She was a single mother and there were bills to be paid and she knew she had to stay strong. When she got home, she dusted her books and her credentials and updated her CV. She told her kids she was on vacation and indeed she enjoyed the precious moments she spent with them at home. As soon as she had tidied up herself, she uploaded her CV to several job recruitment boards and not long after, she got the breakthrough she craved for last week. It was a new dawn of opportunity for her.

Her amazing story stirred up a renewed hope in me and made me realize that it is not over until we win. Just like in a football match, it is not over until the extra time is over. As a Manchester City fan, I will never forget our match against QPR. Manchester United had beaten Sunderland 1-0 and were almost running away with the title when Sergio Aguero with the last kick of the ball scored the decisive winner to make it 3-2 in favor of City. The 44 years wait was over. A new dawn had just broken and the entire stadium erupted in joy as history was made that glorious 13th day of May 2012.

My wonderful friends, it’s the beginning of the year and am confident of one thing. This year will bring in more joy than what we ever experienced last year. Our shattered dreams can still be fixed and we definitely will get to our destination with so much excitement we never imagined.