How to achieve an effective lifestyle

To be highly effective, you must develop a razor-like focus on your highest priorities. Your time is your most precious asset and must be used judiciously. It is important that you invest time in task you are competent in and delegate the rest. So many individual waste precious time on issues that are not important thus creating an ineffective lifestyle. In the alternative, concentrate all your efforts into things that you do competently in order to produce more results. Be clear as to what you want to achieve and then go after it with passion.

There are four basic ways to achieve this effective lifestyle: Delegate it, defer it, Abandon it, and Act on it

Delegate it

Anything that require your attention but is outside of your competence should be delegated. This will enhance your effectiveness. Give your attention only to task, which are in tune with your core competence. In delegating various tasks, care must be taken to ensure that only competent individuals are assigned with complex task.

If certain task become too much for you to achieve alone, then you may consider setting up a team, and delegating such task to the team. Do not feel you have failed, when you are unable to achieve such task. It is better to delegate it and get it done, than making a fool of yourself.

Defer it

It is in your best interest to defer some task to a more favorable time. Do not attend to such task while there are more important ones waiting for your attention. The main reason why certain individual fail to achieve an effective lifestyle, is because of the inability to defer unnecessary task.

Abandon it

Whatever you consider not to be important should be abandoned. To achieve an effective lifestyle, you must focus only on the essential. Low-priority activities or tasks must either be abandoned or delegated to competent hands. The key to implementing this technique is never to spend major time on minor task.

Act on it

High-priority tasks must be immediately acted upon. Give more time and attention to issues that will help shape your life and destiny. Delaying important tasks or activities can greatly reduce your effectiveness. The degree of priority of a task will determine the level of active implementation of such task. The sooner we act on such task, the more effectiveness we are bound to achieve.

When you do not take action towards your goals, your effectiveness will drop fast. Often times, people will sets a goal, make all the necessary plans, and then wait for the right time to start. The unfortunate thing is that the right time may not come. Once you have a goal, you must act on it right away, even if it will require you making certain sacrifices.

To achieve some measure of effectiveness, we must take action consistent with the things we desire. If we want to start a successful hotel and hospitality business, for example, you cannot spend our useful time engaging in unprofitable task. Success requires that your actions be consistent with your desires.


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