The process of getting a job in Nigeria has become extremely difficult, as lots of firms are either downsizing or folding up due to high overhead cost or the harsh economic situation in the country today. Passing through the rigor of graduating from the university and stepping up the hunt for job can be physically and emotionally draining. To make matters worse, some job seekers unconsciously reduce their chances of been selected when they are called for job interview due to some rather silly mistakes they do before, during and after the interview process.

Coming late for an interview

I’ve seen numerous cases of applicants rushing into the interview hall after the interview process had commence. Apart from sending a wrong signal, you are already disqualifying yourself from a job you have not yet been given. It’s a grievous error to come late for a job interview, because first impression matters a lot, and in this case you are sending a clear message that you are poor in time management.

This can be avoided by waking up on time and moving to the venue of the interview via any means of transportation, rather than waiting an hour before the time. Early preparation can curb emergencies which may arise.

Putting on a Native attire

It’s a job interview, not a traditional wedding ceremony. Dress smart and neat, rather than dressing like a traditional ruler going for a coronation ceremony. The standard dressing code for job interview usually entails a trouser, shirt (long or short sleeve), tie and suit (optional). Your dressing usually conveys a strong message to the interview panel.

Chewing gum or finger nails

During the interview process, some guys and even ladies can get tensed up. To eliminate the stress, they either chew bubble gum or the chew their nails. It’s totally unethical to do both. It’s a sign of anxiety and the panelist hate to see an anxious potential employee. Deploy other stress elimination techniques like taking a deep breath before answering a question and also controlling your thought pattern.

Eating foods that can make you uncomfortable before or during interview

Once heard about a guy who ate beans cake and bread before attending a job interview in Lagos. The interview was going on fine, until he suddenly farted without notice. That brought an abrupt end to the interview process as the interview panel had to adjoin sitting to take some fresh air. The poor guy never returned to hear the outcome of the interview. Its always advisable to avoid eating heavy meals, especially those that aren’t easily digestible. Don’t ever reduce your chances of passing a job interview because of your love for food.

Responding to a question with a question

Some applicants can be so bold while answering questions during a job interview. They can respond to a question thrown at them, by asking the interviewer a corresponding question. It’s a rather awkward approach and most be avoided by all means. Be polite even if the question isn’t too straight forward for your liking. No need getting into the same shoes with your interviewer. They may assume you are the troublesome type and may decide against recruiting you even if your interview score is superb.

Altering your basic information

I’ve seen individuals who were unable to say their date of birth. It was rather embarrassing to see an individual trying to remember when he was born. Proper investigation later showed that the guy altered his date of birth to accommodate the job he was applying for. It’s a grievous offence which must be avoided like plague. Some go to the extent of altering their names as well.

Forging certificates and credentials

This is one of the most common offences most job applicants are fond of committing. They can go to any length to get a job, even if it means using the certificate and credentials of a relative or friend. Some go to the extent of going to business centre, where fresh certificates can be designed and printed within a jiffy. The implication of these errors is that nemesis may eventually catch up with offenders and that precious job will be no more. It is better for one to patiently wait for the right time and use what he/she has rather than forging materials to get what you don’t deserve.


The basics of setting a goal is an open secret known by top-caliber athletes, successful businessmen and businesswomen and all types of achievers in all the different fields. The basics of setting goals give you short-term and long-term motivation and focus. They help you set focus on the acquisition of required knowledge and help you to plan and organize your resources and your time so that you can get the best out of your life.


Setting clearly defined short term, medium term and long term goals will enable you to measure your progress and achieve personal satisfaction once you have successfully met your goals. Charting your progress will also enable you to actually see the stages of completion leading to the actual realization of your goals. This eliminates the feeling of a long and pointless grind towards achieving your goal. Your self-confidence and level of competence will also improve as you will be more aware of your capabilities as you complete or achieve your goals.


The basics of goal settings will involve deciding what you really want to do with your personal life and what short term and long term goals you need to achieve it. Then you have to break down goals into the smaller and manageable targets that you must complete in your way to achieving your lifetime targets. Once you have your list waste no time in tackling your goals. A good way to have a manageable list is to have a daily and weekly set of goals. By doing this you will be always in the position of going towards you life plan goals. Everyday will give you the opportunity to fulfill a certain goal giving you the feeling of accomplishment.


Here are some pointers that should be taken into consideration in setting goals and achieving them.

Attitude plays a very big role in setting and achieving your goals. You must ask yourself  if any part of you or your mind holding you back towards completing your simplest goals? If there are any part of your behavior that is acting as an hindrance to you achieving your set goals? If you do have problems in these areas then the immediate thing to do is to address this problem. Solutions may include seeing a trained consultant who will help to chart a new course for you to achieve your desired goals in life.


Careers are made by good time management practice. Failing in a career is often attributed to bad time management. Careers require a lot from an individual which often makes the career the life of the individual. Planning how to achieve a long term success in your career, is part of the overall goal you may put into consideration. Education is key in achieving your goals. If your goals require you to have a certain kind of degree or require a certain specialization or demand a certain skill to be developed, make plans in getting the appropriate education.


Your family should never be left out of your plans. If you are just starting out then you have to decide if you want to be a parent or when you want to be a parent. You also have to know if you really would be a good parent and how well would you relate to extended family members. Personal financial situations also play a major role in achieving your goals. Have a realistic goal on how much you really want to earn. You also must be able to create plans or stages by which you will be able to reach your earning potential.


Physically gifted individuals may be able to achieve sports related goals like being in the National Basketball association or English premier League as the case may be. Determining your physical capabilities should be one of your priorities. Physical limitations could however be conquered with proper planning.


As the saying goes -‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’, or something to that effect, is by all means true down to the last letter. Always create time out of your busy schedule to give yourself a treat in order to avoid getting burnt out. To start achieving your lifetime goals, set a 20 years plan, then break it down to 5 year plans then break it down again to 1 year plans, then 6 month plans then monthly plans, then weekly, then daily. Then create a things-to-do list for the day. Always review your plans and prepare for contingencies. The basics of goal settings should not be so difficult once you get to be familiar with them.

Have you come across a person who is so naturally friendly that when you put him inside a room of strangers, he’ll be friends with almost everyone in no time? We call such a people-person, someone unbelievably nice and charismatic that he can charm anyone into doing anything.

A socially-empowered person achieves so much greatness, basically because of the people that catapult him to success. He earns the trust and all-out support of the people, whom he had helped before. He never runs out of help. He can do anything with the plethora of people behind him. All because he knows he maximizes his social potential!

See, if you know your social skills and you make use of them, you will reach self-empowerment. Self-empowerment is making a general overhaul in your life and turning yourself into a happier and more successful person. If you can be one of those people-persons, then I can’t see any reason why you will not succeed. You just have to know how to start.


  1. Be genuine.

Hypocrisy will just bring you all the way down. Be genuinely nice and interested in people. Once they perceive that you are pretentious with selfish intentions, you might as well say goodbye to self-empowerment. Be original in every aspect of life and stop been someone else.

  1. Be the greatest listener that you can be.

To earn the love and trust of the people, listen to their problems and sympathize with them. Do not just hear them out, listen to them with your heart. Make eye contact when the person talks to you. Listen as if every word matters and it does. The more people realize how interested you are in their affairs, the more closely they will be drawn to you. It is a natural law that can never be broken.

  1. Laugh out loud.

I do not mean that you force yourself to laugh for every joke cracked by someone, albeit you do not find it funny at all. This means finding humor in things and not being too darn serious. A person oozing with an awesome sense of humor attracts crowds and eventually, attracts success.

  1. Don’t forget yourself.

In the process of fluttering around like a social butterfly, you might forget yourself, allowing everyone to push you over. Remember, love and value yourself before anyone else. If you deem yourself respectable and worthy of affection, people will flock to you and not trample on you.

  1. Do random acts of kindness.


You don’t have to be a billionaire for you to impact others positively. Little acts of kindness matters the most and this can be as simple as giving someone a surprise “birthday cake” or helping an elderly cross the street. When we were kindergarten students, kindness was taught to us and greatly practiced. Now is the time to revive the good deeds and this time, let them stay for good.

  1. Contact your old friends.

Sad how some friendships are destined to goodbye, but thanks to the advent of social media, you can do something about it. Relive the good old days by organizing a reunion and look for the great people whom you want to communicate with again. Adding these old friends to your friend list on Facebook and Whatsapp will surely make you feel good all over.

  1. Develop your personality.

Are you the introvert type? The truth is that you cant continue to go through life with those negative vibes all around you. Get rid of the bad traits and habits that perpetually hamper your growth. And really, who wants a melancholic friend anyway?

  1. Be confident.

Be able to stride to the other corner of the room and introduce yourself to people with that winning smile of yours. Just remember: be confident, not arrogant. Confidence in self is the first step to breaking barriers and creating a healthy relationship with others.

  1. Practice control.

When angry, don’t snap at anyone. Never throw a tantrum. Stay calm and collected. Be adult enough to take control of situation and transform your anger into something more productive and passive. As soon as people think your anger goes to volcanic proportions easily, they will find it hard to come to you.

  1. Keep nurturing your relationships.

Your relationship with your family, friends and significant others is too precious that you must not neglect it whatever happens. Go out and have fun with them. Do things together. Happiness will never fly from your side as long as the people who matter the most are close to you.


In the end, we all realize how important having people around us can prove to be, especially if we are the outgoing types that need to network with others and create an active list of people we can leverage on occasionally in our quest to achieve our desire goals in life.

Relationships of all kinds are often perceived as very delicate things, that require extra effort to maintain. However, a relationship can also be something that can provide security and can also be long lasting despite many trials. Building an effective and lasting relationship is a necessity for several reasons. For example in a group or organization, the well being of the people depends on how efficient and effective that group or organization works.

The group or organization is also dependent on how the members work well with the management.

An ineffective group or organization can really be very frustrating.  An effective group or organization can also ask so much on their members, that sometimes the members would be having no life outside the walls of the area where they work or sacrifice the other aspects of their life just to meet deadlines. For an organization or group with this kind of scenario, relationships can be stressed or suffer from breakdown.


People or other entities who depend on these groups or organization also suffer.


Society is defined as a web of relationships, which requires all parties to work and contribute their share in order to achieve  a common goal. Having a relationship that is good, where cooperation and respect are manifested, can make society work better. In this way each member works for the good of the whole and towards achieving a common goal. This can only be attained with effective and efficient relationships.


Understanding the other parties’ feeling and position creates an effective and efficient relationship. The easiest method to understand what is important to another party is to ask them what they want and listen to what they have to say. When the other party realizes this, they would feel the importance given to them


Effective and efficient relationships require parties to openly express their feelings and positions on all matters pertinent on the relationship. Assuming that the other party understands our needs and give us when we need it without asking for it is not a good practice.


Respect is the key to relationship. In order to create a more effective relationship, parties should treat each other with respect.  We can show respect just by listening to the other party and by trying sincerely to understand how they function. You can also show respect to other parties by confirming that they are doing everything they can.


The opposite of respect is quick forming of judgments based on unfounded facts and prejudice.

Respect is the very foundation for a great relationship. This also means respecting yourself and respecting others.

Another key area in forming an effective relationship is to tackle differences of the other party directly. Differences between parties or people are quite interesting. For example in a conversation where each party listens to the other party, you may observe that each is having two different perspectives.

Work towards a win-win solution for both parties.

This can be done when at least one party acknowledges that the relationship is important. That party would then exert more time, effort and energy to understand the other party’s needs and deal with it to get it out of the way. Should they fail, it is comforting for that party to know that they tried.

Effectively listening and no pre-judging. This is important if parties are to understand each other.

Informal discussions are conducive for parties. They bring out issues and concerns comfortably. They also feel more relaxed making them think more clearly.

Developing an atmosphere where the other party can express their feelings when they need to.


When parties fail to express whatever is on their mind or their feelings, it can get in the way of building an effective relationship.

Parties should be aware that certain things exist naturally but should be controlled in any dealings in any relationship.  Human nature is one. Some of these things found in a relationship also include a history of stereotyping or mistrust, blaming the other person or party for a strained relationship, excluding the other party’s feelings when focusing on a task, no clear and defined objectives, roles and expectations of each party in a relationship is also unclear.

Relationships are important to anyone, addressing issues and problems right away is a must to further improve the relationship. As they say ‘No man is an Island’.