Death is always lurking

It was a cold chilly morning when I put a call through a close friend of mine. He told me he was in the hospital. I was wondering what was wrong, when he told me on phone that his wife younger sister was hospitalized.

I got there on time to see my friend outside the female ward and we got talking. We later got to see the wife’s sister inside the female ward, and after some words of encouragement, we came outside. As we sat outside, I noticed an elderly woman who was been wheeled to the theater room on a wheel chair.

She was full of life as she was been wheel away by her daughter. I was encouraged seeing her in quite a cheerful mood. I later saw the same elderly woman outside the female ward been attended to by a male nurse. The nurse was trying to fix a drip on her right arm.

After spending about an hour and a half, it was time to go home and I waved my friend goodbye. That was on the 30th of December 2016. Just few hours before the dawn of the New Year, the next day, the condition of the elderly woman I saw on the wheel chair was said to have deteriorated and she eventually died around 10pm. That was 2 hours before everyone was anxiously waiting to usher in the New Year.

It was indeed a sad tale to tell, because this was a woman who was so happy and bubbly with life. She never allowed her health condition to dampen her spirit. Death however did not give up on her. I learnt to appreciate God the more after been told about the demise of this wonderful lady whom I never got to know intimately.

The New Year has been heralded and we have unconsciously started from where we stopped last year. It’s so important that we take out some few minutes each day to appreciate God for sparing our life. Those who could not make it into the New Year are not the worse of creatures. We are where we are by the mercies of God and his mercy has kept us alive.

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