How to develop your core competence

Skills can be defined as the ability to display or manipulate a given talent. This can also be called your core competence. It is a known fact that everybody is endowed with one skill or the other from birth. Skills can also be acquired through learning.

The steps towards developing your core competence and skills are highlighted below.

Step 1: Identify your skill:
You must know your gift or talent. Know what you are naturally gifted at, and it will pave the way for your success in life. God can reveal your gift or skill in a dream or vision. The starting point to success and true happiness lies in the ability to identify your skill. There are some individual who are unable to develop their core competence and skills, because they do not even have an idea about what skills they possess.

Step 2: Operate in the area of your gifts:
To be able to harness your gifts and core competence, you must restrict yourself to the area you are good at. Your area of natural endowment remains a unique area of your strength. The next step after identifying your skill, involves operating in the area of your gift or skill. The advantage of operating in your area of gift lies in the perfect ease with which you are able to carry out various task associated with your gift.

Step 3: Develop your gifts:
One unique way of developing our core competence and skills is by reading materials related to our core competence. Another way of developing your gift is attending specialized courses that can impact positively on the skill. There are also video materials on how one can develop his or her gifts.

Buy these materials and apply the principles to your everyday life. I personally had to attend seminars and workshop some years back, when I discovered that I had a wonderful gift in the area of motivation and creating information products online. The resultant benefit of such seminars and training has since become evident in the way my career has grown over the years.

Step 4: Be passionate about your gift:
Passion is the fuel that drives the engine of success. Whatever you are passionate about will eventually become your area of core competence. As long as the passion remains, that gift will be gradually developed. Finally, Passion will enable an individual to explore new avenues to improve on his or her gifts. Every individual usually go through a rough patch in career or business, and the inner passion in such cases can revive your area of competence.



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