Godliness has huge reward and benefits

Godliness can be described as the ability to possess the spirit of God. It is outwardly seen in the renewed life the individual exhibits in private and public.

Contentment on the other hand has to do with the ability of a believer to be satisfied with whatsoever God have blessed him/her with. It is a virtue that is essential for Christian growth.
One of the things that is predominantly plaguing the nation revolves around corruption, which is closely related to greed. Nigeria has been rated among the top 10 most corrupt nations in the world, a record which has damaged the nation’s reputation in the outside world. The problem can be traced to the way the individual citizens view wealth and acquisitions.
As individuals, when the spirit of God is allowed free access into the mind of man, the tendency to become greedy and corrupt is greatly limited. The reason why most people steal public funds and deny others the opportunity to enjoy what rightfully belongs to them is the absence of the fear of God.
Benefits of Godliness and Contentment
The individual, who allows the spirit of God to dominate his /her life and chose to be contented with the little he/she has been blessed with, will obviously experience peace and tranquility. When an individual is always looking for more, he/she will never be satisfied with more. It is the Almighty creator that gives true peace to those who are contented.
Long Life
Most individuals who are always desirous of more wealth, riches and material things of this world are prone to ailments which can terminate their life before their time. One thing I noticed from the scripture is the apparent decline in the longevity of man with each passing year. It was recorded in the scripture that Methuselah lived for 969 years and he gave birth to sons and daughters. Years after that, it was recorded that Moses lived a hundred and twenty years when he died. The apparent difference in longevity is traceable to the increased greed and corrupt nature of man.
The irony of life can be seen in the absence of fulfillment in the life of those who crave after material possession at the expense of contentment and Godliness. The essence of life is not seen in the quantity of material possession, but the number of people one is able to positively influence. An understanding of this truth will help transform our priorities in life. Jesus declared to his disciples “my meat is to do the will of him that sent me and to finish his work.”
He was not bothered with physical food or material acquisition as compared to positively touching the life of the Samaritan woman. Transformation eventually came to the Samaritan woman via the sacrifice of a man who was willing to abstain from the pleasures of this world.

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