The healing power of God’s word

There comes a time in one’s life, when nothing seems to work and everything seems to be in a standstill. Every individual go through what is generally termed “The wilderness experience”. It is a period when things seem to be at the lowest ebb in our life. At this crucial stage in life, we can lend a helping hand by applying the healing power of the spoken word.
There would be period of tears, sorrow and despair. But never forget that for every tear you shed, God takes note, and there is no smile that he does not mark. No matter what you are passing through or will ever pass through, be courageous and strong.
When I lost my Dad in 1988, I was just a young boy still growing up, and the impact of the loss was so hard on me. My entire life was grounded, because I was close to my Dad. It took me some time before I began to pick up the pieces, and the healing power of the spoken word played a huge part in the recovery process. My broken heart has since healed perfectly, and I have become a source of encouragement to those who are going through such pains.
For every adversity that come our way-sickness, failure, barrenness, depression, lack, poverty and rejection, there is an equal and more powerful word to handle it. God’s word is a rich mine of treasure. A diligent search of the Holy Bible will help you locate these wonderful treasures. These treasures have lasted more than 2000 years yet they remain unchanged and powerful.
God feels our pains and affliction, and his ever encouraging word will soothe every form of pain we are presently going through. God sometimes allow us to go through these painful experiences, so that we can encourage those who are afflicted with similar pains.
There is healing power in the spoken word and it is available to those who search for it.
The human tongue possesses great power, and this power is meant to be used for healing purpose. A single word can stir up the heart of a dying man and bring back hope to the hopeless. The world is filled to the brim with people who are desperate for some words of encouragement. In the midst of people, some still feel the pain of loneliness and desolation. Lend a helping hand by sharing the healing power of the spoken work wherever you go.
We must not use our tongue to destroy the destiny of others, rather we can deploy the healing power of the spoken word to mend broken hearts and encourage those who are on the verge of giving up on life. As much as it dwells within us, let us not allow ourselves to be disheartened by failure or disappointment as long as we have done our best.

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