The world is in dire need of motivation and inspiration. So many people are down, depressed and discouraged about how their life has turned out, and the rate of suicide has been on the ascendancy over the last couple of years. The bitter truth is that things are getting more tougher and people are getting moreĀ  fragile and hopeless about the situation on ground. The crime rate has gone to an all time high in most countries of the world even as unemployment keeps rising.

In the midst of these bleak situation, it is important to leverage on a platform that offers a bit of reprise and succor where there seems to been known even from the government. That is the idea behind “Strictly Motivational”. I share in the pains of millions all around the world, even as a victim myself, and it is important to create a medium where people can share their story. An enticing story of how they overcame the turmoil of hunger and distress to become successful in life.

The platform creates a window of opportunity for people to share their unique content and story in their own simple form to encourage those who are presently going through the same route they went through. I love seeing people smile, no matter how painful their experiences had been, and it is my humble prayer that this platform will bring smiles to millions who navigate daily through the various sections.

Once again i welcome each and every one of us to Strictly Motivational and i hope to hear from you daily, even as we journey through life together. We know Life may not offer us all we demand from it, but when we persist enough, our dreams and aspirations in life will surely come through. Thousands of successful business men/women, footballers, entrepreneurs, professionals and even semi professionals have surmounted tons of obstacles and i believe we too can get to our desired destination when we don’t give up.

You are warmly welcome

Clement Sadjere