Seven things to avoid when attending a Job interview

The process of getting a job in Nigeria has become extremely difficult, as lots of firms are either downsizing or folding up due to high overhead cost or the harsh economic situation in the country today. Passing through the rigor of graduating from the university and stepping up the hunt for job can be physically and emotionally draining. To make matters worse, some job seekers unconsciously reduce their chances of been selected when they are called for job interview due to some rather silly mistakes they do before, during and after the interview process.

Coming late for an interview

I’ve seen numerous cases of applicants rushing into the interview hall after the interview process had commence. Apart from sending a wrong signal, you are already disqualifying yourself from a job you have not yet been given. It’s a grievous error to come late for a job interview, because first impression matters a lot, and in this case you are sending a clear message that you are poor in time management.

This can be avoided by waking up on time and moving to the venue of the interview via any means of transportation, rather than waiting an hour before the time. Early preparation can curb emergencies which may arise.

Putting on a Native attire

It’s a job interview, not a traditional wedding ceremony. Dress smart and neat, rather than dressing like a traditional ruler going for a coronation ceremony. The standard dressing code for job interview usually entails a trouser, shirt (long or short sleeve), tie and suit (optional). Your dressing usually conveys a strong message to the interview panel.

Chewing gum or finger nails

During the interview process, some guys and even ladies can get tensed up. To eliminate the stress, they either chew bubble gum or the chew their nails. It’s totally unethical to do both. It’s a sign of anxiety and the panelist hate to see an anxious potential employee. Deploy other stress elimination techniques like taking a deep breath before answering a question and also controlling your thought pattern.

Eating foods that can make you uncomfortable before or during interview

Once heard about a guy who ate beans cake and bread before attending a job interview in Lagos. The interview was going on fine, until he suddenly farted without notice. That brought an abrupt end to the interview process as the interview panel had to adjoin sitting to take some fresh air. The poor guy never returned to hear the outcome of the interview. Its always advisable to avoid eating heavy meals, especially those that aren’t easily digestible. Don’t ever reduce your chances of passing a job interview because of your love for food.

Responding to a question with a question

Some applicants can be so bold while answering questions during a job interview. They can respond to a question thrown at them, by asking the interviewer a corresponding question. It’s a rather awkward approach and most be avoided by all means. Be polite even if the question isn’t too straight forward for your liking. No need getting into the same shoes with your interviewer. They may assume you are the troublesome type and may decide against recruiting you even if your interview score is superb.

Altering your basic information

I’ve seen individuals who were unable to say their date of birth. It was rather embarrassing to see an individual trying to remember when he was born. Proper investigation later showed that the guy altered his date of birth to accommodate the job he was applying for. It’s a grievous offence which must be avoided like plague. Some go to the extent of altering their names as well.

Forging certificates and credentials

This is one of the most common offences most job applicants are fond of committing. They can go to any length to get a job, even if it means using the certificate and credentials of a relative or friend. Some go to the extent of going to business centre, where fresh certificates can be designed and printed within a jiffy. The implication of these errors is that nemesis may eventually catch up with offenders and that precious job will be no more. It is better for one to patiently wait for the right time and use what he/she has rather than forging materials to get what you don’t deserve.