I will lift up my eyes to the hills

So often in life, we are faced with diverse situations that may require one form of intervention or the other. At such crucial moments, our inclination is to run to individuals who we feel can be of help. Unfortunately, majority of such persons tend to disappoint us with one excuse or the other. I have been in such situations and to be honest, it was heart rendering seeing expectations go up in flame.
It is in the human nature to look up to people for all form of assistance in life. I remember vividly several years ago when I lost my Dad and things were a bit tight financially. I had to depend on my uncle to bail me out from the dicey situation I had found myself.
I waited for over two hours, before I was able to see him at home and what transpired wasn’t too pleasant. He gave more than four reasons why he could not assist me with what I needed. I went home discouraged, shattered and weeping. It was a very difficult period in my life.
Somehow from nowhere, my Mum came to my rescue and it was such a relief to me then. I got to learn few valuable lessons from my experience. Never trust in man! They will end up disappointing you. The most funny aspect of it all is the fact that some won’t bother to tell you they can’t assist, rather they will raise your expectations and hope to the heavens and allow it to crash abruptly.
God usually uses people we don’t even expect to meet our expectations in life. There is a reason why that may occur. One of the reasons why God usually allow those closest to us to disappoint us is to prevent them from taking the glory. When God uses strangers to make a way for us, it put him on the front burner and eliminates every form of human gratification. The entire glory goes up to God and none goes to man.
To that man, woman or youth believing God for breakthrough in Job, marriage, finance or other aspects of life, I urge you to lift up your eyes to the hill from whence comes my help. He will make a way where there seems to be no way. Am absolutely sure of this because I have experienced it and I know it is real.

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