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 We only accept useful guest posts

Please make sure that the content that you send us adds value and gives step by step instructions on how to subjects such as:

  • motivation
  • self help
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  • relationship
  • spirituality
  • Useful Tips and Guides for living

The post should impact positively on readers

Give Us Examples Of Your Previously Written Articles 

Please send us some examples of articles that you have published on other popular blogs, not just your own blog.

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The article must be totally unique and not found anywhere else online. Plagiarism is not allowed.

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Blog posts should be at least 800 words.

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Please send us title suggestions for the articles that you wish to write for us.

Words of Advice

Last Words of Advice:
Keep in mind that Strictly Motivational is a place of learning and inspiration. If you can tell your own story while inspiring others to pursue their dreams and goals in life, your job is more than half done. Please write from the heart and give it your all, and we’ll do our best to share your knowledge widely!

How To Submit A Guest Post 

Once you are ready to submit, please send your post as a Plain Text/HTML file to our guest blogging email: guestpost@clementsadjere.com